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Are you looking for the best lawyers to help in drafting your will? In the event of incapacity, you need someone to look after your assets and ascertain the survival of your family. If you are looking for the best attorneys in your state for drafting a will, your search ends with Legal Will Queens. At Legal Will, we can help you avoid estate taxes and ensure that you have a proper financial plan in place. We offer a host of services to ensure that you get an effective solution for your estate planning and asset protection requirements.
We focus on estate planning for Brooklyn clients with a deep understanding of the implementation of those estate plans into the lives of families and business of our clients.
We also take into consideration various issues that may arise in litigation involving estates and trusts and, at inception of estate planning, we work hard to prevent potential litigious issues.

Our team at Queens can deal with:

  1. Designation of your beneficiaries and also the people who will benefit from your assets.
  2. Naming the executor to help you manage and distribute your assets.
  3. Ensuring the proper distribution of your assets and properties.
  4. Administering the specifics of your possessions and nominating a guardian for your minor children.
At Legal Will Queens, we can efficiently represent you at every step of drafting your will. With our decades of experience, we have become industry experts in dealing with elder law, asset protection, guardianship, probate, litigation, and living trust. Our attorneys strive to create the perfect blend of problem resolution, asset management, and execution of your will.

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Legal Consultation @ Legal Will Queens

At our firm, we have expert attorneys who understand all your estate planning hurdles related to Medicaid, wills, probate, guardianship, and elder law. We provide you the best alternative for all your legal requirements as we help eliminate court costs and reduce taxes.

Our comprehensive services combined with our expert advisory include:

  1. Providing strategies to strengthen your financial goals and assets.
  2. Protection of your properties along with your surviving family members.
  3. Building estate plans for further growth of assets in the future.
  4. Setting up a Medicaid plan for healthcare benefits.

How Can Legal Will Queens Help You?

Accomplishing estate planning and forming your will is not a simple task. At Legal Will Queens, we can ensure that your financial assets and investments are protected and aligned with your life goals. Our Legal Will Queens experts can work closely for your benefit and estate planning. We enjoy collaborating with our clients to ensure optimal results and maintenance of your estate.

Our Expertise @ Legal Will Queens

Legal Will Queens can help you accomplish comprehensive estate planning. With our expert lawyers on board, you can have a desirable outcome where we play various roles to best execute your wishes. We can help you fund your estate along with working on your future planning goals. The attorneys at Living Trust Brooklyn can minimize estate tax liability and ensure that your inheritances are protected. Our comprehensive estate planning consultation, planning, and services include:

  • Assuring the continuance of surviving members of your family and the protection of your estate.
  • Substantially reducing your estate taxes, excise duty, and gifts.
  • Keeping your estate and family matters private while protecting the inheritance for your beneficiaries.
  • Updating and reviewing your plan for Medicaid, succession plans, and financial consulting.
  • Providing you with peace of mind for a lasting legacy and your future plans.

Why Choose Legal Will Queens?

At Legal Will Queens, we ensure you that it is never too early to get started on your will. If you have assets to protect, we can help you draft the documents to keep them in place. Our expert lawyers can help you in various legal areas like Probate, Estate Administration, Kinship matters, Estate taxes, Guardianship, and Fiduciary accounting. Over the years, we have accumulated a team of expert advisors who can provide immediate help during legal hurdles.

Our expertise has helped thousands of clients meet their financial and lifestyle goals. With us, you can secure the future of those you leave behind. Our team at Living Trust has dedicated themselves to assuring you the best strategies you can find. We aim to develop the best services backed by our promise of transparency. You can find our lawyers dealing with varied cases in Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, Nassau, and Staten Island.

We understand that all estates face complex issues; therefore, we are equipped to deal with every case. Our lawyers can provide proper representation in all aspects of trust and estate matters. At Legal Will, our motto is to provide efficient client satisfaction as we appreciate the emotional impact of each asset. To satisfy every client’s financial goals, we keep them updated with the latest developments through bi-annual meetings.

Quick Process

Our expert lawyers at Living Trust Brooklyn are equipped to deal with complicated cases easily. You can have an estate plan within a few weeks of scheduling an appointment with us. Our efficient process and transparent pricing make us the top law firm in the state. Our team also effectively helps you deal with all legal hurdles due to our quick process.

Experience and Perspective

With our decades of experience at Living Trust, we deliver effective and innovative solutions to all our clients. We understand that our clients face several challenging legal situations and we are prepared to deal with each case. Our years of experience give us a unique perspective while dealing with a new client. You can rely on our attorneys to provide you with the best counsel for all your estate planning hurdles. Our clients laud our professional approach as we ensure that each plan works for you.

Legal Expertise

At Legal Will, you have lawyers who have presented in the toughest courts of New York state. Our legal counsel is considered one of the best in the state of New York. With our help, you can get all your doubts cleared regarding estate planning and drafting your will. We also ensure that your properties do not end up in the wrong hands and that only your beneficiary benefits from your wishes.

Inventive Solutions

We are equipped to deal with individuals and families with a large client base of varying degrees. As every draft will be different, we provide customized and inventive solutions to accomplish our client’s goals and address their concerns. Every plan at Legal Will is different, and our lawyers understand your requirements. Our strategies offer you a clear vision, and you get a clear estate plan. We ensure a clearly articulated financial plan for your family so that you will be relaxed during any contingency.

Financial Terms

Our motto with our clients has always hovered on transparency. We have a clear fee structure and terms for all our services. We do not have any hidden charges as you will have a transparent contract in front of you. Our sole focus is on client satisfaction and fulfilling your financial goals.

How we work:

What We Offer @ Legal Will Queens

Drafting a Will

At Legal Will Queens, you get your will drafted by an experienced Attorney. Our attorneys can work with you to express how you want your property handled. We will talk to you about your unique requirements to create a customized will for your situation. We also help you with the additional work after drafting your will. Our services are dedicated to providing end-to-end support at a flat rate.

Living Trusts

We make it easy for your heirs to inherit the assets. A living trust is your best alternative if you wish to avoid probate. At Legal Will Queens, we can seamlessly transfer the assets to your descendants. Our lawyers have been actively dealing with living Trusts and administering trustees. We can effectively help you manage your trust with our expert teams consisting of experienced lawyers. You will have more control over your estate and ensure that your beneficiaries benefit from the property.


We seek to improve the quality of your family’s life at Legal Will Queens. Our lawyers can ensure that you have a conservator to look after your financial and personal affairs in any contingency. Through our services, you will get a higher degree of protection along with other alternatives. We will help you spell out all the necessary conditions for a conservatorship. With our transparent terms, you will get a structured layout of assistance in your property.


With decades of experience, our lawyers are equipped to deal with elder law in the state of New York. We help our clients deal with Medicaid and general assurance in all categories. Our attorneys can overview eligibility, required information, claims, and provider rules while dealing with your case. With our guidance, you can get all the Medicaid basics, Billings, deductibles, and adequate coverage. You can get proper benefits from the federal program with Legal Will.


As expert Wills, Trusts, and Probate lawyers, we can help you understand the intricacies of Probate. Our attorneys can make the process hassle-free and discuss eventualities under all circumstances. We will ensure that your hard-earned assets pass as you wish and ease the burden of legal processes.

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Are you looking for the best attorneys to write the will for your assets? Your search ends with Legal Will. Our attorneys can help you make a list of your assets and beneficiaries, meet your goals, and store your documents. We have a team of experts to guide you through your journey of making a will.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most assets must go through probate according to the state laws in Queens. However, you can choose small estate administration, where you can avoid probate if your assets are valued at less than $50,000. This process of avoiding probate is known as a voluntary administration proceeding.
You can avoid probate in Queens by making a living trust for any of your assets, like real estate or bank accounts. After your death, you should have a trust document and appoint someone to take over as trustee (successor trustee).

You can write your own will as the formal testator or maker anytime, provided you fulfill these conditions:

  • You are 18 years of age or above.
  • You are competent to make your will and have a sound mind u/s 3-1.1 of the Estate,
  • Powers, and Trust Law.
  • You can bring your witnesses for the written will, and the will needs to be validated and signed as per the State laws in Queens.

The non-probate assets, according to the state laws in Queens, include:

  • Assets associated with a trust
  • Bank accounts involving a beneficiary
  • Retirement accounts under 401k and IRA.
  • Life insurance policies with the sum assured named after a beneficiary
  • Jointly held bank accounts and real estate.